Sniff It Out

I inherited a suitcase. I have great memories of time spent with my nan in Liverpool. She was crazy, loving and positive. The contents of this suitcase pretty much sums her up. A suitcase of her drawings, dated 1981 (see below) a recorder, some sparkly things, a money belt and some nunchucks of course. Nunchucks? Yes! Because that’s what all Nans sleep with under their pillow, right?















Claire’s Diary Aged 7 And A Half Wine And Crackers

On Saturday I played with two sticks. After I went into the house again. I played on my computer and I played Paperboy and you have to be a boy on his bike and you had to avoid the everything. Our friends came round on the night and had wine and crackers. On Saturday I got up early to go to church. We had an invitation for a wedding and at the wedding you can go to the pub but I can’t. I went on stage and picked the thing up that they speak in and said we will sing I lift my hands and James and Tom pretended to guitar and I sang and I lifted my hands to the coming king. Then we went in Sue’s car and I sang French kissing in the U.S.A and I wan’t that man.

Claire’s Diary Raining Ravens

At the weekend I asked Uncle Fred to play in the garden and he said no it is raining cats and dogs and I look for cats and dogs. I was very very sad so I looked and looked and I saw some ants in the garden and a raven. Cousin Debbie gave me a kiwi and it felt fuzzy. The raven tried to get water out of a jug.

Claire’s Diary Aged 6 Tom Wet His Pants

At the weekend I went to Sue’s and I played down a hill with my roller skates and a skateboard together. I fell over and went to the accident hospital because I hurt my leg and I had an injection and James and Tom wanted to come to hospital with me because they like me to be with them. The next day mum and I went to Ben’s to look after them. I played with Ben in the garden and Ben and I sat on the tree. The tree was high to sit on. The next day I had some sweets and I stayed at Sue’s house. Tom cried because he wet his pants and I had a bath with James. It was very very very good and I had a good time.