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Gotta Love These Guys!

Midland Langar Seva Society. I’ve found a charity that I can help! Today we fed nearly 100 people in need! With hot food and drink. Curry, rice and pasta dishes. They alternate the food too. They are working in more areas feeding more people daily. After I left, they were going home to cook more for the night time to go back out on the streets! Was so humbling to hear stories of their work abroad too. A charity that’s not based on money, just food donations. The 2 guys today were like angels.

In Birmingham the official statistics indicated that in 2009/10, 4193 people presented as homeless and that’s not including the ‘hidden homeless’ such as the ones staying with friends.

To top it off, enough food for the homeless to eat a second plate full! Happy days! They have a Facebook page if you want to check them out. The info is on the picture. Thanks for reading đŸ™‚


Claire’s Diary Aged 7 And A Half Wine And Crackers

On Saturday I played with two sticks. After I went into the house again. I played on my computer and I played Paperboy and you have to be a boy on his bike and you had to avoid the everything. Our friends came round on the night and had wine and crackers. On Saturday I got up early to go to church. We had an invitation for a wedding and at the wedding you can go to the pub but I can’t. I went on stage and picked the thing up that they speak in and said we will sing I lift my hands and James and Tom pretended to guitar and I sang and I lifted my hands to the coming king. Then we went in Sue’s car and I sang French kissing in the U.S.A and I wan’t that man.

Claire’s Diary Raining Ravens

At the weekend I asked Uncle Fred to play in the garden and he said no it is raining cats and dogs and I look for cats and dogs. I was very very sad so I looked and looked and I saw some ants in the garden and a raven. Cousin Debbie gave me a kiwi and it felt fuzzy. The raven tried to get water out of a jug.