Eggs and Bacon

“Eggs and bacon, eggs and bacon!” Claire’s little legs were jumping up and down.

“No, sorry love, we don’t sell eggs and bacon here. We sell bread!”

Little did she know that eggs and bacon was not what Claire fancied for her dinner, it was a code word that her and her nan used. They had just ran away from a man who tried stealing their purse.

They temporarily lived in a rough estate with muggings going on all around them. Her nan had an idea one day to say ‘eggs and bacon’ when an odd character approached them. You know the ones, dodgy types that you wouldn’t trust at first glance.

From that day forward, Claire’s nan would squeeze her arm and say the code word. The word to alert them both of any upcoming, suspected danger. The men would not know what the word meant, therefore they couldn’t cause any offence. They didn’t mean to. Sometimes they were right to be on alert and sometimes they were wrong.

“Eggs and bacon, Nan!” Claire warned her nan as they hurried down an alleyway.
“Shall I hit him with the bag of beans or the Frey Bentos pies?” She whispered.
As the man walked nearer to them, they could see a stick waving.
Oops, a white one.
“Poor man nearly had it then” Nan sniggered.